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Air & Water Technology, Inc. is an Innovative, Intelligent Technology Corporation. Our purpose is to develop, manufacture, and promote new solution designs and products for the HVACR & Plumbing hardware industry at the global market. The hallmark of Air & Water Technology’s culture is our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and the integrity that we bring to our business approach which provides our customers with the confidence that our products will be an effective solution that will meet and exceed expectations.



Air Flushing System
Water Flushing System

Chemical Delivery System

Air Chemical Delivery System
Water Chemical Delivery System

Inline Fix®
(Patent Pending)
Slide/Union Coupling System



Air & Water Technology, Inc. (AWT) is a manufacturer of specialty items in the HVACR & Plumbing industry.

Air & Water Technology, Inc. was created to develop the venture between the inventor’s vision and market realities. Our company evolves new products from the conception of an idea to commercialization.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the integrity that we bring to our business approach provides our customers with confidence that their products will be delivered on time and will meet or exceed their requirements.

Because AWT’s competitive advantage lies in the identification and marketing of viable new products, we are able to introduce into the industry our U.S. Patented designs as the newest adaptive technologies in today’s market. These systems provide effective, simple solutions to old HVACR and Plumbing problems.

Air & Water Technology distributes these products through
a National Network of HVACR and Plumbing Wholesale/ Distributors.


AWT’s HVACR Systems are specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning, maintaining, and unblocking A/C & refrigeration drain lines and large dehumidifier drainpipe systems. Our devices effectively eliminate blockages, clean and remove all contaminates of unwanted biological buildup such as algae, toxic mold, fungi, mildew, sludge, and slime that are responsible for creating health problems. These product solutions also eliminate needless insurance claims.

Our products are made from either PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) or Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC), a thermoplastic used for (hot or cold) water, and are constructed for their reliability and longevity to fit new or existing drainpipe systems.


Air & Water Technology’s product lines are profitable to the A/C and Plumbing Contractors who sell and service maintenance contracts. All of our products are reliable, inexpensive and easy to install — saving job time, service calls and providing easy access to maintain clean and clear drain lines. This helps boost your company income while protecting your customer’s home or business.

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